Q. What would I expect to get with my purchase of a WOLD airbrush?

A. All WOLD airbrushes are complete, ready for use. They have an air hose(with fittings) an instruction booklet, a desk holder and guarantee

Q. What paints or mediums can I use?

A. All airbrush paints, some are specifically designed for the airbrush. Wildlife paints, water based acrylics, most soluble water colours, inks, dyes, Createx airbrush colours. We use Automotive paints by House of Kolor

Q. How do I clean my airbrush?

A. Always try and clean your airbrush after you have finished for the day. Flush through with either water, thinners/solvents, depending on the type of paint you have used. Blow air through the airbrush to dry it out when it is clean.

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